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About Us

The parents are squares. The girls are twigs. The guys are moody. And the V-neck is in. Yes, I am talking about British mod cinema and it is the focus here at Queensbury. Now you will find films from all genres and decades here as well, however my obsession is with British mod cinema and I am striving to amass a great collection for you.

The modernists - the word was originally used to describe fans of modern jazz - came out of London in the very early 1960s to create a world that was conformist yet subversive. A typical mod held down an office job and dressed very smartly, but with such an obsessive attention to detail that looked almost psychopathic; a parody of respectability. Alongside modern jazz, American R&B was the music of choice, while European fashions, a dash of existentialism and a ready supply of amphetamines completed the fast-moving, forward-looking lifestyle. Most mods came from working-class backgrounds and had limited means. So they created a fantasy life in which style had substance and the moment was everything.

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